New Instagram Updates 2022

Instagram is swiftly introducing brand-new features to beat TikTok’s hype by Insta reels. These updates appear expectedly and especially keeping in mind the highly competitive nature of online social platforms. However, social media merchants and influencers are taking these latest updates as overwhelming features.

In this writing, we are going to explore some exciting updates on Instagram 2022 to build up your Instagram strategy. Let’s continue-

  1. Story Links:

A dedicated feature only for people who have more than 10k+ followers on Instagram was story links. Now, this exclusive feature is going to be available for everyone and you can simply send a link sticker to your friends directly to your blog posts, product, or website page. It is a great opportunity for marketers to generate maximum traffic simply by clicking on the sticker icon and then tapping the sticker link.

  1. Partnership Inbox:

The complications to find the vital message in a busy inbox is now past as creators can seek and manage their all communications quite fast from a single place- partnership messages. In the direct message box, a subfolder is the partnership message box. Request folder is automatically skipped and placed in the priority list which makes things easier for marketers to manage content partnerships.

  1. Add Yours:

Instagram’s new sticker is ‘Add Yours’ which helps people to write and share easily at their stories. Thereafter, all other Insta users can give their responses to that prompt with their own. Moreover, you can likely see the list of people who will contribute to this thread. Because of its shareability nature, it adds an extra engagement layer to this platform.

  1. Visual Replies on Reels:

In recent times, Instagram declared a new path to give response to all comments that pop up on Reels with other Reels. Whenever you will make any short Instagram Reels videos, you will get the option to reply to those visual comments. It is although quite the same as TikTok’s reply feature, Instagram makes it more interactive by including both leads and followers.

  1. Collabs:

Instagram is introducing the latest feature that empowers you to create any collaboration content with your familiar or fellow Instagram users. It indirectly also says that whatever content you and your friend will develop is going to appear in both the profiles. Here you can share the video or the content’s likes, views, and comments among people. Businessmen or for any brand this ‘collabs’ feature brings a wider path to make partnerships with social media influencers to promote your brand. You can also interact and work with other communities from this feature in an appropriate meaningful manner.

Among all social media platforms, Instagram is one of the most interactive and popular online platforms globally. These new updates are not only developing the platform gradually but also advancing in a new way. Hence, today we have enlisted the above 5 new Instagram features for you to leverage these amazing features into your social media strategy.