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About Frostique

Frostique Cakes & Bakes is a concept and venture of Ms Kanchan, a successful woman in the corporate world and a passionate baker in her own world. She makes amazing finger-licking cakes and all other delicious baked items to add sweetness in your special moments and occasions.

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Preparing a social media strategy to enhance her followers and fans was not much of hard work for us. The main challenge is to create creative posts that are something different from other competitors. In this field there is huge competition and we need an unique approach to keep the customers hooked and fantasize.Influencer marketing is another part of the challenge.


360 Solution


Gather all the informations

Gather all information about the cake and content strategy on a weekly basis.

Find Solution and Solve it

Our designer and content writer are working hard to create engaging content and design for every post to keep our client ahead of the competition and get quality leads and trusted followers. Influence marketing takes a big role in Instagram marketing.

Finally get the Result

Our continuous hard work on innovative content design and strategy resulted in growing followers and leads through organic ways. We have done enough research and planned a strategy to implement influencers in a smart way and get maximum results from each influencers.


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