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Glamour Vintage


About Glamour Vintage

Two sisters who were raised by a family of passionate antique collectors, who also had appreciation for contemporary style, created Glamour Vintage 2016 .We always make sure to collect pieces that are unique and rare to find . They have created a Sublime Collection of hand-picked pieces for the finest retail stores.




The website development was a nice experience for us. We had all the information with us to build the website in Shopify. There were few challenges although. One was the Arabic translation and another was the payment gateway. There were some challenges in customizing the design keeping in mind the restriction of Shopify website and loading speed.


360 Solution


Gather all the informations

We have collected all necessary information and product catalogue to be listed in the website.

Find Solution and Solve it

We first started working with liquid code for customization of some designs. We had to work very efficiently to optimize the code and keep the loading speed unaffected. The issue with the payment gateway was solved with lots of hard work and patience. Finally the Arabic translation was done with a full version proper translation without any support of paid plugin.

Finally get the Result

We are finally happy to deliver an outstanding website on time and support them after delivery as per commitment.


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