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We have a team of savvy app developers in Dubai that are always looking for the next challenge. Our knowledge about the changing practices of the technological world assists us to stand out among our competitors. We have witnessed businesses move from brick and mortar to websites. We were there when the digital transformation happened with the advent of the business mobile apps. Your quest for a mobile app developer company in Dubai ends right here at 360 Software. This is where everything associated with mobile app development happens under one roof.

Different range of App we develop

  • Booking App
  • Learning App
  • Delivery App
  • Iot App
  • Service Aggregator App
  • Matchmaking or Dating App
  • Banking/Finance App
  • Logistics App
  • Blockchain App

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The different Types of App we offer are:

React Native App

React Native is a JavaScript framework for developing mobile applications with a cross-platform approach. The best thing about this is the fact that the apps coded in React Native are similar to native apps in respect to UI/UX and performance.

Android App

We have a team of professional Android app developers in Dubai harnesses every single project with care and comprehensively analyze each and every minute detail and then formulate the best mobile application solutions that fit into the budget and meet the requirements of our clients.

iOS App

Being one of the leading iOS app development companies in Dubai, UAE, our team knows what is required to develop iOS apps for various iPads and iPhones. Extreme care is taken to ensure that these apps are interactive and also productive.

Web App

At 360 Software, a leading web app development company in Dubai, we have ample experience of designing, developing and rendering functional and sophisticated web applications. We have the required talent, proficiency and cutting-edge technology to offer you a high-end web app customized to meet your marketing goals.

Flutter App

Flutter is the perfect solution for developing cross-platform programs. Flutter provides a complete ambiance that has everything that is required to create a successful app, including widgets, framework and a detailed set of tools.

Cross Platform App

Cross platform apps have been gaining immense popularity lately. State of the art technologies and frameworks make it possible to develop cross-platform apps that look, feel and perform on the same level everywhere.

Xamarin App

360 Software offers the best Xamarin app development services in Dubai, UAE. What makes us special is our zeal to comply with the reasons Xamarin was founded, and to cater the same quality and functionality in all our Xamarin empowered apps.

PhoneGap App

We at 360 Software use PhoneGap and various other components that come along with it. Thence, we are able to make timely delivery of products based on various platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS and others.

Added Services

Our additional services include

  • 1.

    Payment Gateway Integration

    Possibly one of the biggest worries shoppers have about ecommerce is the safety of their information online and security of their money. So to assist, you make sure your customers that their money is in safe hands, we provide various web payment gateway integration services.
  • 2.

    CRM Integration

    These systems hold customer data that can allow teams from customer service and marketing to sales and operations to better know their customers.
  • 3.

    API Integration

    We focus on API protocols for executing API based micro services with API as a service. In easy terms, API as a service allows you to handle your custom APIs and interact with third party APIs.
  • 4.

    Google Map Integration

    Integrate your business location with Google Map navigation with the help of Google Map Integration. Google Maps can be an excellent way to display beneficial information for users.
  • 5.

    Barcode Scanner

    Now you can create as many barcode scanner applications as you would like with a single account. Every service has its own database, configuration and users.
  • 6.

    Push Notification

    Our push notification service enables you to deliver information from an app to a desktop computer or mobile device without a particular request from the app, implying this app doesn’t have to be opened to get the push notification.
  • 7.

    AI Integration In App Build

    With AI Integration in App build, we turn your app concept into a fully fledged mobile app with the ability to engage the users.
  • 8.

    Voice Search

    Voice search tackles the power of speech recognition technology to enable users to search the internet through voice commands.
  • 9.

    Face Detection

    With Face detection, you can recognize a wide range of facial profiles and distinguish between them on the basis of images, expressions, and facial features.

Our App Development Process

Wireframing the App

Before commencing the development, it is imperative to finalize the wireframing steps in ,mobile app development.

UI/UX design

Before commencing to prepare the initial app designs, we send you a questionnaire that assists us in knowing your preferences.

App Development

After emerging with the app designs, the mobile app developers get down on action. The project manager defines chores to the developers and develops app development systematic processes to accomplish the set milestones.

Q/A Testing

When you make up your mind to create a new app, it is inevitable to test the app. It assists in keeping the cost low to build a quality app. The further you go in your app development cycle, the expensive it becomes to fix the issue.

Launching the App

The Playstore and Appstore have strong policies to make the app live, but we do have some proficiency in this sector and our experts assist our clients to get it live.

Post production support

Every app will require new features and technological updates, hence this is the last step of the mobile app development process.

What makes us the best mobile app development service in Dubai?

We offer a rich experience, a unique style on every mobile app we design and not just a copy or duplicate of any app. Simple and Intuitive navigation lessens clicks and actions in mobile usability. The qualities that make our App development service the best are:

  • 1.

    We listen and then interpret

    We delve into your story, understand your goals, and then come up with an execution strategy that assists you to reach your audience and grow your business.
  • 2.

    We follow proven procedures

    Easy but comprehensive, we follow a unique, proven approach to make sure that all our projects are of superior quality. Based on your app development requirements, our designers, developers, and project managers will take your raw idea and deliver great solutions.
  • 3.

    We are pioneers of the digital industry

    We don’t want to show off, but we are quite good at what we doo. Our innovative and strategic app designs and marketing campaigns will rejuvenate your brand among chaos and set you up for success.
  • 4.

    We leverage on how it will benefit your business

    As a customer-centric company, we create solutions for you that integrate attracting more customers and converting them. We build easy plans that not only assist brands make an impact but actually assist them to make more money.
  • 5.

    We deliver on budget and time

    We work with some of the best talents in 360 Software. Whether it is designing a website, developing a mobile app or creating a marketing campaign, we work fast, smartly and always deliver our projects on time without having to enhance your budget.
  • 6.

    We are always there for you

    Our clients select us not only because we are great and reasonable, but also because we are always available for them. No matter if it is a progress report you require or a midnight emergency, we are just a text, email and phone call away!
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  • 1) How Can I Validate My App Idea?

    a: So you’ve got an app concept. You believe it has the potential to be an excellent one. It solves a specific need and is unlike anything else on the market. But you don’t want to spend thousands of dirhams on development if the market isn’t on your side.

    Despite the high level of rivalry in most industries, good <i>app development</i> ideas can nevertheless alter the traditional market and propel your product ahead of the major players. Not unexpectedly, the mobile app market is fast expanding. In comparison, global revenues in this sector are expanding year after year. This value is predicted to climb to 935.2 billion US dollars in 2023.

    How can you ensure that your target audience will appreciate your app enough to use it frequently? So, at our organization, we take a step-by-step approach to validate your app idea.

    Some steps we prefer are:

    1. Conducting proper market research.
    2. Define the USP of your app and how it can solve the customer issue.
    3. Creating digital prototype/beta versions.
    4. Create user persona and customer journey mapping.
    5. The final design of the app.

  • a: Agile <b>software development</b> refers to software development approaches based on an iterative model, in which requirements and solutions change through cooperation among self-organizing cross-functional teams. The ultimate benefit of <b>Agile development</b> is that it enables teams to provide value faster, with higher quality and predictability, and with better adaptability to change. Scrum and Kanban are the two most popular Agile techniques.

    Agile emphasizes keeping the process lean and generating minimum viable products (MVPs) that go through several iterations before being finalized. Feedback is constantly received and used, resulting in a far more dynamic process in which everyone is striving for a single objective.

    <b>Agile development</b> is any development approach that adheres to the ideals outlined in the Agile Manifesto. The Manifesto was created by a group of fourteen software industry leaders, and it reflects their knowledge of what approaches work and does not work for software development.

    This group of software developers and testers wrote several guidelines to address challenges that software developers encountered. When you conceive of Agile as a mindset, you can apply that thinking to different activities.

  • a: In today’s mobile-first world, 51% of internet users utilize mobile phones to make online purchases, making mobility a digital reality. As a result, mobile apps remain a vital priority for firms seeking to attract, engage, and delight their target customers.

    The expense of developing a mobile app is quite high. Even if it is really simple, establishing an application across platforms may draw a lot of money, and bulk investment entails a higher level of risk. We recommend that this problem be addressed by either selecting a single platform to construct an app on and then reinvesting profits in building another app for different platforms.

    In general, a proper and precise cost calculator must incorporate a wide range of mobile app development services as well as the time required:

    1. The design’s complication
    2. The number of screens
    3. Time for the development process
    4. The phase of quality assurance
    5. A variety of functions and features
    6. Feature and database complexity

  • a: The times have undoubtedly changed. Only a few years ago, <b>mobile applications</b> were linked with huge enterprises and businesses. But that element of the story is no longer relevant. Today, the majority of smaller businesses embrace the benefits of <b>mobile apps</b> to better serve their clients and achieve a higher ROI.

    Whether you’re creating workplace applications, retail apps, or something for fun, there’s always some business aim or goal that your app can help you achieve. Let’s take a look at the significance of apps in the business.

    1. The app’s initial and primary goal is to be used as a tool to produce more conversions and increase market share.
    2. To raise your company’s brand and profile in the candidate market.
    3. To inform customers that your organization has a cutting-edge technology app that they can use to improve the service they provide to clients and applicants.
    4. To utilize the app to encourage existing and new customers to suggest and endorse your organization to friends and relatives as part of your referral program and value.

  • a: Because mobile apps are ultimately software products, conventional software design principles and patterns apply to mobile application development as well. However, as with other unique software environments, mobile application development has its own set of environmental constraints.

    A mobile app is, in fact, a computer program. The mobile device platform offers advantages and benefits not available to standard PC or online apps, such as the utilization of the device’s GPS, camera, near-field communications, and so on. However, the process of designing and developing a <b>mobile app</b> has constraints that must be recognized before you begin.

    Some common constraints are:

    1. Screen size, sensors, dimensions, and interactions.
    2. Client-side storage.
    3. Network issues and latencies.
    4. Upgrade capability.
    5. Data use requirements.

    and many more.

    There are many limits to overcome on mobile, but as we’ve shown, constraints can make you more creative. While dealing with small screen sizes, limited storage and connectivity, diversions, and app stores on mobile, our team will be forced to produce better products.

  • a: You have several objectives for your app: Make something cool that will benefit others. Provide a fantastic user experience. Attract millions of satisfied users while making money, of course.

    The issue is that you’re not sure where to begin. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

    Some of the common app monetization strategies are:

    1. Freemium model.
    2. In-app purchase model.
    3. In-app advertisement model.
    4. Subscription model.
    5. Sponsorships and Partnerships model.

    and many more, Some apps choose to make money right away rather than gradually gain users. Others concentrate on rapidly expanding their user base and then profiting. Effective monetization models will be determined by your business goals.

    There are various techniques for accomplishing this, such as paid apps, in-app purchases, advertising, and other possibilities. We will present you with insights into the newest app monetization tactics, whether you are seeking to monetize your app for the first time or looking to optimize the profits of an already successful app. Contact us right away.

  • a: The release of an app is a watershed event for your company. We’ve worked for months, if not years, to create your app, and once it’s live, there’s no turning back. The hardest part of the first phase is now completed, but the next phase of the effort, the launch, is just getting started.

    We employ a tried-and-true process to help ensure that each client’s launch goes off without a hitch. But, over the years, we’ve watched as other businesses and brands struggled to launch their apps without a roadmap.

    Some of the pre-launch things you should take into consideration are:

    1. Optimize your mobile app for android or iOS app stores.
    2. Run Live tests.
    3. Make an announcement or something like (Something interesting is coming soon).
    4. Gather around and work on the early reviews from beta or in-house members.
    5. Advertise in social media and search engines.

    Begin using Beta Breakers right now to guarantee that your app is completely functional before going live. Our expert quality assurance team can execute all of the tests required to assist you in presenting an app that works properly under any conditions.

  • a: There are some decisions to be taken now that you’ve finally determined it’s time to construct a mobile app. One of these decisions is to choose which operating system to launch on.

    You must select either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
    It’s not an easy decision. Why?

    Mobile app development is one of the fastest-growing sectors in software development. Since the explosion in the number of mobile applications a few years ago, the desire for quick and convenient apps has only grown. So, you must cover up both audiences in general =, the ones who use iOS devise and those who use android devices. You can’t afford to lose a chunk piece of revenue of either platform.

    Currently, Android and iOS-powered smartphones are the most popular among consumers worldwide, but their market share is far from equal. According to some stats, Android and iOS jointly account for over 98% of the global smartphone operating systems market share.

  • a: Do you know how frequently you check your smartphone during the day?

    No? According to multiple standard reports, that’s an incredible 100+ times each day for millennials, while the rest of the population is a little more reserved ( some of the apps are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp). And the overwhelming sensory experience that our phones deliver in our daily lives is the reason we are so attached to them. How so, you could ask?

    There may be various reasons out of them being run through a seamless programming language at the backend drive the user experience to the next level.

    On the surface, no one questions the future of mobile application development or mobile programming languages. Businesses can no longer afford to neglect mobile users! Having passed a major milestone, if your company isn’t mobile-ready, you’re in big trouble today.

    Some of the most common programming languages we use in our app development process:

    SQL and many more depending on the requirement and budget.

  • a: Our customer chose us because of our extensive experience in delivering complicated app and online portal development projects. We have a decade of expertise solving a wide range of problems, including working alongside current development teams, integrating old systems to assist new app development, developing technically complex features, and bringing systems, processes, and apps together seamlessly.

    We don’t just start developing your needs; we first have a meeting to understand the commercial considerations driving the need for your project. We want to get to the point quickly where we can confront you on the assumptions you’ve made about the functionality you need.

    360 software is well-known for offering full-cycle solutions. From concept through post-sale support and maintenance, we will be with you every step of the way to ensure that your app is bug-free and will remain so in the future.

    If you have big ideas, are dealing with difficult problems, and want the best from an agency, we can help.


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