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360 Software is known to develop highly interactive applications that enhance the customer engagement of your ecommerce store. We understand that the realm of ecommerce has expanded strikingly over the years and long with the power of mobile application technology, ecommerce has risen to new levels. Every store wants to create their own ecommerce mobile app to reach the smartphones of their targeted buyers and augment its sales. 360 Software helps all these online stores and vendors by developing unique ecommerce mobile apps. No matter you have a retail store, a start-up, a small or medium scale business, or a reputed ecommerce store, our ecommerce mobile app development solutions in Dubai can assist you to enhance your business and enter the smartphones of your targeted customers.

Reasons why mobile apps are gaining importance

While mobile apps have been revolutionizing the world with their committed browsing, fast loading and personalized experience, one industry that has witnessed the most use of mobile apps is the ecommerce industry. Ecommerce mobile apps enable the online shoppers to view the products rapidly, get the products they want to purchase, and also enjoy various discount offers.

 Ecommerce Mobile App Development Services in Dubai

Ecommerce mobile apps are definitely reshaping the ecommerce industry. Research shows that most of the users prefer mobile apps over mobile website to purchase products. Furthermore, most of the online traffic of a major ecommerce store comes directly through mobile apps. With the ideal set of tools, technologies and creative approach to incorporate business into a sophisticated mobile platform, the mobile apps of 360 Software ensures more sales. Our bespoke mobile app development solutions allow businesses to incorporate the best features and functionalities into their mobile app and enhance customer retention. We offer ideas for UI/UX design of the app, its speed, its checkout process, and the navigation. We also design your app in such a manner that it provides customized push notifications to your customers and a customized experience to enhance sale of products.

The range of apps we develop

  • Booking App
  • Learning App
  • Delivery App
  • Iot App
  • Service Aggregator App
  • Matchmaking or Dating App
  • Banking/Finance App
  • Blockchain App
  • Logistics App

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Different types of ecommerce app we offer

B2B ecommerce App

Enhance B2B sales with our flexible B2B ecommerce app. These solutions are excellent for wholesale distributors and brands.

C2C ecommerce App

Our C2C ecommerce app generally includes a feature “Chat & Buy” which enables users to commence a conversion on an instant messaging app with the buyer/seller to discuss the price, product, delivery, collection and possible customization.

B2c Ecommerce App

Enhance B2B sales with our flexible B2B ecommerce app. These solutions are excellent for wholesale distributors and brands.

C2C ecommerce App

Our C2C ecommerce app generally includes a feature “Chat & Buy” which enables users to commence a conversion on an instant messaging app with the buyer/seller to discuss the price, product, delivery, collection and possible customization.

B2c Ecommerce App

We offer B2C ecommerce app for both iOS and Android platform. Get in touch with us for more information about our services.

C2B Ecommerce App

If you are looking for the latest C2B ecommerce App, look no further. We can offer the most sophisticated C2B ecommerce app you may be looking for.

C2A Ecommerce App

Whether you are looking for a C2A ecommerce app or other types of app, we can certainly meet your requirements. Contact us now for more information.

Features we provide

  • 1.
    Payment Gateway Integration
    Possibly one of the biggest worries shoppers have about ecommerce is the safety of their information online and security of their money. So to assist, you make sure your customers that their money is in safe hands, we provide various web payment gateway integration services.
  • 2.
    CRM Integration
    These systems hold customer data that can allow teams from customer service and marketing to sales and operations to better know their customers.
  • 3.
    API Integration
    We focus on API protocols for executing API based micro services with API as a service. In easy terms, API as a service allows you to handle your custom APIs and interact with third party APIs.
  • 4.
    Google Map Integration
    Integrate your business location with Google Map navigation with the help of Google Map Integration. Google Maps can be an excellent way to display beneficial information for users.
  • 5.
    Barcode Scanner
    Now you can create as many barcode scanner applications as you would like with a single account. Every service has its own database, configuration and users.
  • 6.
    Push Notification
    Our push notification service enables you to deliver information from an app to a desktop computer or mobile device without a particular request from the app, implying this app doesn’t have to be opened to get the push notification.

Our development process includes


Planning is the stage of selecting the technology and software development method, defining the deliverables, and assessing the timeline and resources to finish the project.


After developing the wireframes, creation of the sitemap, and planning the roadmap, it is time to commence with the website design. This is where the innovative UI designers come in, working on the approval of the client and the requirements of the project.


This is the development of the website to interact with the users. The designs initially created in the initial stages are transformed into special effects and animations.


Just before shifting the website to the server after the development, there should be a series of punctilious, vigorous, and repeated testing to ensure eradication of the bugs.

Deployment & Support

There is still much more to be done after the deployment of the website. General updates, website maintenance and support or even adding new features are unavoidable and may be called for. This can be alleviated by gathering feedback from the end-users of the website.

What makes us the best ecommerce app development company in Dubai?

The qualities that make us the best ecommerce app development company in Dubai are:

  • 1.

    User-friendly design

    An ecommerce website should be more intuitive and interactive to keep the online shoppers engaged. We develop ecommerce sites that have an easy and simple to use design.
  • 2.

    Top quality Images

    Images are what entices most of the shoppers and assist them to finish the transaction. We make sure that top quality image incorporation enables clear visibility of the image of every product.
  • 3.


    With mobile becoming the preferred device for all types of browsing and shopping of products, having a mobile friendly ecommerce site is vital. And 360 Software assures the same.
  • 4.

    Safe Payment Gateway

    For every ecommerce site, incorporation of sophisticated payment gateways to enable fast yet secured payment is vital. With our ecommerce app development solutions, we incorporate the most secured payment methods.
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Latest Features 0%
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  • 1. What is the future of the e-commerce industry?

    A) If you’re not sure whether eCommerce is worth investing in, hopefully, these facts will help you decide.

    eCommerce transactions are expected to increase from 14.1% to 22% by 2023. These projections are quite optimistic, indicating that eCommerce as a business has yet to realize its full potential. Statistics predict that by 2040, about 95% of all purchases would be made through eCommerce, which is certainly food for concern for all business owners.

    All of the numbers speak to the notion that eCommerce will most likely continue to expand and prosper at a breakneck pace. Mobile purchasing will become the new normal, and sales in the main eCommerce countries will continue to grow at an exponential rate.

    Incorporating new techniques, such as opening brick-and-mortar stores with an eCommerce firm, will boost revenues in the coming years. Contact us right away.

  • <b>Mobile applications</b> are becoming an indispensable part of every business’s strategy for reaching a larger audience, thanks to advances in technology. <b>Mobile apps</b> have altered the way retailers interact with their customers.

    In the context of expanding online sales, the <u>e-Commerce business</u> is experiencing the most significant rise in mobile solution development, which is driven by the need to satisfy client desires. Consumers must be able to purchase goods and services at any time and from any location, including while on the go. As a result, more online customers favor mobile <i>e-Commerce apps</i>.

    Some benefits are:

    a. Enhanced Customer Experience.
    b. Better conversion rate.
    c. Simple to remarket the customer base.
    d. Better Efficiency and Increased Revenues.
    e. Customer loyalty.

  • Mobile experience design best practices are spreading almost as swiftly as mobile devices themselves. But, in the end, it all boils down to the user experience. So, at the risk of joining the fray, I’d want to provide some thoughts on what ingredients go into building a fantastic mobile experience.

    A mobile user’s experience consists of his approach and perceptions before his mobile interaction, during his mobile contact, and afterward. It includes web browsing as well as applications on all types of mobile devices (low-featured smartphones to high-definition tablets).

    Some tips for a mobile-friendly <u>e-commerce app</u> are:

    a. Focus on the needs of the target audience.
    b. Priority security and timely upgrades for the app to fix all bugs.
    c. Optimized font and graphic elements.
    d. Avoid too many redirects.

  • Yes, we do provide multiple currency and multilingual features in <b>ecommerce App</b>as per your requirement. With a multilingual eCommerce software, you can communicate with clients in their native language. This allows you to reach a larger audience and make participation more accessible. Many startups and SMB owners fail to see the significance of multilingual and multi-currency support, preventing them from entering the worldwide market.

    If a company wants to go worldwide, one of the most critical features it needs is multi-currency support. The Multi currency functionality can assist an e-commerce business in expanding its consumer base and increasing its annual income. Having the feature would also provide the user with a highly comfortable and convenient buying experience on the <b>eCommerce website</b>.

  • Mapping the most significant features while designing an <u>e-commerce app</u> is one of the most important things that contribute to the app’s success. Given that people use mobile devices for nearly everything, developers must ensure that maximum convenience is integrated when a transaction occurs via an e-commerce app.

    <u>Mobile app</u>are being used as a lifestyle tool rather than a technological answer. And, with the introduction of <i>e-commerce apps</i>, people are fast abandoning brick-and-mortar establishments. Users place a high value on online stores, whether for product reviews, feedback, or price comparison. As a result, the characteristics of an <u>e-commerce application</u> should be noticeable.

    Your startup should have the following important qualities of a successful mobile app to stay in the game and score well. You should also be aware of the greatest methods for avoiding retail <i>app development</i>blunders.


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