Innovative Web design & UI/UX design service in Dubai

It is our responsibility to make sure you get a user-satisfactory website by enhancing the spirit, simplicity of us, and experience of the products we design. Our innovative design team is proficient with the best design practices and concepts to create exceptional user experiences and interactions for our clients. Not only do we see how efficient the website design is, but also carry out user testing and optimize our coding to augment performance under one roof.

Our web design and UI/UX design service in Dubai and its essence in business

We have professional and experienced UI and UX designers with the skills to chalk out the most efficient strategies and information architecture for designing products. And the best thing is, they meet user requirements and offer a competitive upper hand over other solutions. Speak to the UI/UX professionals of 360 Software today to enhance your app, site or other types of media engagement and user-friendliness.

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Web design

360 Software is a leading web design company with an expert team that creates creative and sophisticated websites that capture your brand, enhance your conversion rates and augment your revenue to assist grow your business and accomplish your goals.

Landing page design

360 Software creates landing pages for businesses from scratch, incorporating the present online marketing practices with proven results.

UI Design

360 offer the best UI design services for your web and mobile apps. We have innovative UI designers to design user-friendly UI design.

Mobile app UI/UX

Enhance the magnitude of customer engagement to your mobile applications by creating user-friendly user experiences, user interfaces and visual designs.

Web Interface Design

Our web interface design services are meant for creating visually enticing, brand developing web interface design that entice and retain the users.


Outsource your illustration requirements to 360 Software and get top quality vector and graphic illustrations from highly proficient team of illustrators.

Pro-typing & Wireframe

We create pro-typing and wireframes to visualize our UX strategy. They link your product vision with user requirements and the technical abilities of the product.

Product design

Our product design services are complete solutions to transform your idea into a manufactured product. From mechanical engineering to industrial design, we bring your product to life.

Why should you hire our web designer?

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose our web designer

  • 1.
    We create experiences
    We create experiences that are enticing, easy to use and result driven for your company. We are not an average web designing company. We are truly emphasized on making things done for your business and your audience.
  • 2.
    We listen, ask and understand
    We commence each web development project with a solid understanding of who you are, what you do and why you do it. This assists us to create strategic web solutions that convey the right messages and express your unique brand identity.
  • 3.
    We give quick response
    If you are like most people, after you have decided to create a website, you want it right now! As we are a full-time web designing company, we can contour the process within weeks, sometimes days, depending on the intricacy of your website.
  • 4.
    We are on budget and time
    We decide the scope of the web development project, create a timeline and budget, and once they are approved, we will stick to them. We always keep you on track with weekly checks on deadlines and progress.

Our Design process


This is the basic phase where we first understand the thought behind your product. It is consistently a good way to engage with the customer pretty fast and understand the project.


By considering every aspect of the client experience before starting the planning stage, we research on all the aspects of your project. We believe that false impressions lead to less development.


To avoid false impressions about client’s requirements we carry out an analysis of the project to make sure that we are exactly on the path to what exactly you want to deliver accordingly.


It is always a great idea to create a wireframe at the beginning of the design process. At this stage, you have to keep things easy, even if you make some mistakes. With wireframing, you will be able to notice all your severe mistakes in the structure of your design, developing flawless web pages.


You can’t build a home without the right equipment. Similarly, you can’t build an excellent digital product without knowing what steps you have to take. To turn your idea into a reality, you have to involve all the relevant professionals and ensure you are on the same page.


Without evaluation, you won’t be able to know whether you are getting what exactly you are looking for. We evaluate our design regularly so that we can deliver the precise design that you are looking for.

What makes us the best web design & UI/UX Design Company in Dubai?

  • 1.

    We offer affordable pricing

    We offer web designing services at affordable prices with a fast turnaround than most of the other web designing companies.
  • 2.

    We work in small teams

    Almost everyone at 360 Software has worked in a big company. While we have that amount of experience, we keep our teams agile, small and focused on you.
  • 3.

    We get the job done

    Right from junior members to principals of the team, we all work together on the web designing projects. You will notice the same faces right from the beginning to the end of the projects.
  • 4.

    We offer wide experience

    We have worked directly and indirectly with almost all the major industries in the world, right from small ecommerce websites to huge MNC corporations and healthcare providers, realtors etc.
  • 5.

    Creative Idea

    If you have any creative idea regarding your UI/UX design, share it with us. We will transform it into reality or generate a creative idea from our end and design a beautiful UI/UX design that you will definitely love.
  • 6.

    Responsive Design

    If you want your website to appear same on a computer and a mobile device, you need a responsive design. Our UI/UX experts can offer you the best and trendy responsive design for your website to make it more mobile-friendly and professional.
  • 7.

    Latest Design Technique

    We implement the latest design techniques to create a trendy UI/UX design for your website. Wow your visitors and customers with a trendy looking website with us.
  • 8.

    Quality Work

    Ultimately, you want quality in the website design, right? We ensure quality work to all our clients, thanks to our years of experience and the experienced team of professionals that we work as a team.
Creative design 0%
Innovative Ideas 0%
Latest tools & Technique 0%
Responsive Web Page 0%
Best UI/UX experience 0%


  • 1. What is UX Design?

    A) <b>UX Design</b> or the User Experience design is the process that makes human and products or human and websites interactions better. Its sole objective is to provide the best user experience to the consumers. It has multiple dimensions in designing the products, services, websites, technology, or any gadgets people use in their day-to-day lives.

    Donald Norman coined the term “User Experience.”He used the term to understand what elements contribute to user feelings while they interact with the products. There is no specific definition of UX Design; it is defined by the way the user perceives it.UX Design works for bettering user experiences, It focuses on understanding- needs of the users, their likes and dislikes, etc. Therefore <b>UX Design</b> aims to provide a delightful user experience and make sure user sticks to the particular products, services, or websites for the long term. So if you want to upgrade your user experience, connect with us and grab the opportunity to make your customers stick to your products forever.

  • A) UX refers to the User Experience and UI refers to the User Interface. Almost they sound similar, even have similar functions – interactions of users with the machine, products, or websites. <u>UX Design</u> comes in the initial phase of the product creation followed by UI design. They are interdependent to each other, yet have differences.UX gives the best insight into the client’s cooperation for the general brand, site, or machine. And UI aims to build up an interface that would make User interaction with the product easier and convenient.

    UI and <b>UX Design</b> sounds almost similar, everyone confuses what exactly they mean. To simplify it we can say If UX is the planning of the items then UI brings executions of it. However, UX can be applied to all the products, services, or experiences whereas UI is only restricted to digital products and experiences. UX identifies and solves user problems and UI builds interactive interfaces.

  • A) The <u>UX Design</u> enables users to perceive your brand from a different perspective. It benefits the user as well as the brands or service providers. To provide the best user experience and compete in the market you need to follow the <u>latest UX design trends</u>.

    As innovation becomes more insightful over time, user satisfaction should become more productive and personalized, resulting in greater commitment. In the forthcoming years, UX Design would witness the following trends-

    • Voice Interactions- Voice Interactions would make the experience more lively by assisting virtual assistance for the users.
    • Interfaces using Eye- It would take a few more years to introduce eye-based interfaces, a major shift in UX Design that would make the experience hands-free.
    • Sensory Engagement- Shifting from two-end Interactions to the virtual world. Sensory Engagement would enable users to interact in an unparalleled way. UX Design would Design all senses Interactions engagements that would provide better user information.
    • Personalization – This would be the best way to reflect the user requirements as it would focus on the preferences of individual users.
  • A) Are you finding it difficult to manage with your <b>UX Design</b>?
    We are here to make your experience better that would bring your target audience and encourage them to stick to your brand.
    We have a team of designers who will ensure that your products meet the requirements of your target audience. Before proceeding with the improvements, we would conduct preliminary research to understand key areas of your sites, what the weak points are, who your competitors are, and their techniques. To make the experience better, we would provide –

    • Detailed Product Information – highlighting key features of the products in a concise and presentable way.
    • Creating an organized page that would enable users to navigate easily through the site and reach the products they are looking for.
    • Improving the loading speed, the quicker the page gets loaded, the better the shopping experience.
    • Optimizing the site to be used in mobile phones. As customers these days prefer doing everything using their mobile phone.
  • A)User Experience or UX is not something that one could learn at once is an ongoing process because the User Experience evolves. So to follow the market demand we remain up-to-date with the latest UX trends.

    Regularly, our team reads UX magazine and UX matters. The UX world is witnessing major technological advancement, thus we visit several UX news sites to stay updated with the ongoing trends in the market and what are works best in the present market. We regularly follow up with our website analytics to check what’s things are working best for our customers and what’s not. How the users are reacting to the new addition and changes.
    We prefer to take feedbacks from the users to understand what possible updates we can provide to personalize their experiences.
    Experimenting with different features that would provide a unique experience from others.
    We have a separate research team that keeps track of the latest trends and keeps track of what is accepted, what brings more engagements, and so on.

  • A) We make sure our clients like our design on the first go and for that, we provide flexible access to our clients during the entire process. At first, we make sure to discuss all the requirements with our clients before starting the work. We also provide a sample of our designs and a blueprint of the agreed design before providing them final design.

    However even after that if the client is not satisfied with our work. We are here to resolve that.

    Firstly we would acknowledge the clients’ concerns and take their feedback to verify what they are looking for and what is missing in the design. We would clarify the changes they want, that can be modified immediately. After addressing their concerns we would provide our expert opinion and show them possible alternatives they can have for the things they want to change.

    Call us now and book an appointment – we are here to bring life into your dream project.

  • A) In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, no company can thrive without a website. And the reason is simple: a website will market your company 24/7. That is something that no employee can do.

    No matter how good your content is, it is the visual sections of your website that capture your visitors’ attention first. Increased sales and revenue result from a website with excellent UX design. Customers that have a positive user experience are more likely to return for more. As a result, your company will earn more money.

    In a nutshell, UX is critical in <b>web design</b>since it attempts to meet the needs of the consumers. We can’t ignore that google’s search algorithm places a high value on user experience.

  • A) The cost of a <b>UX UI project</b> is influenced by a variety of factors. To mention a few, the factors include project scope and scale, project nature (beginning from scratch, reworking current design), platforms, the technology used, pre-launch services included (user research, interviews, testing), and delivery date.

    UX and UI are critical components of any application. That’s why whatever money you spend on them is an investment; with a solid RIO, you may recoup your money over time.

    The final cost of the procedure is determined by several variables. They include the intricacy of your product, the number of professionals on your team, and so on. It is difficult to generate an estimate without understanding the project’s requirements and complete scope.

  • A) Gathering requirements is similar to creating a checklist of everything your solution must do or be. It’s a necessary document in which we ask our clients for the pre-requirement to start the project. It entails a lot of research, interviews, and reading, in addition to a lot of writing.

    Typically, we begin each project with a thorough brainstorming session with all client stakeholders. These are the details/data that we require before beginning any project:

    • Business / organizational goals.’
    • Brand guidelines
    • Target audience details.
    • Product goals.
    • Expected outcomes and KPIs of the project.
    • Technical specifications.
    • Market research data.
    • Previous user experience audit results.
    • User analytics data.
    • Business reports.

    and many more depending on the requirements.

  • A) After your product is released, it is time for another round of analysis. If the client has chosen an Annual Support Contract with us, we have the right to perform our services at any moment within the contract period.

    We do understand, the launch of the minimal viable product does not mean that the job is finished and the product design process is complete. Testing and design should be a continuous and iterative process. This is the key to enhancing the product and ensuring its success.

    Get in touch with us and let’s talk about your present issues. Our specialists will gladly assist you with UX strategy, product and user research, and UX/UI design.


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