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Website Audit and Revamp service in Dubai, UAE

Enhance your online presence with our most efficient website audit and revamp service in Dubai! Carrying out a website audit and revamp recognizes the website architecture and gives a platform to enhance technical site performance!

What exactly is website audit?

Website audit is the analysis of the page performance along with large scale SEO optimization. Auditing decides the optimization of your site to accomplish traffic goals and enhance performance! Audit will make sure that your website is revamped for utmost SEO results and conversions!

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At 360 Software, we provide the best website audit and revamp services in Dubai! Our website auditing and revamp is generally categorized into

Audit of Site Health

This auditing ascertains the complete architecture and usability of a website! The audit of the site health recognizes possible gap in your content structure and discover new opportunities for the main performance indicators.

Audit of website security

It recognizes the vulnerabilities to security breaches. It prevents compromise of any sensitive information of a business to its visitors. With social media presence audit, you will have an active social media presence and drive more quality leads. This auditing examines which content channel works the best and enhances customer engagement.

Audit of conversion rate optimization

This auditing decides how conversions happen or where they are lost. Get insights on how to convert online traffic and generate leads! Better optimization enables the expected performance from visitors.

Audit of competitor website

It is an excellent choice for the growth of the business. Explore new opportunities to apply into your own marketing strategies.

Audit of Duplicate Content

Duplicate contents might confuse the search engines. This causes poor ranking and algorithmic penalization. This auditing ensures flawless content optimization for better performance.

What are included in the website auditing process?

Website audit explores any kind of variances in the SERP of Google. Audit also ascertains the vulnerability of your website to different kinds of security breaches. The website auditing process includes

  • 1.
    Running your website URL through a Site Audit Tool,
    Before we get started, we will find a website auditing tool that can assist us to examine how your website is performing. This is how we test how your website is performing.
  • 2.
    Getting technical flaws
    Once we have put your site through an auditing tool, we will want to look for technical flaws. This may be related to security, mobile, performance, SEO and much more.
  • 3.
    Detecting SEO issues
    Well, we will want to look at SEO related problems to enhance your ranking on search engines. This may entail looking at the Meta descriptions, reviewing the image of the ALT text, and much more .
  • 4.
    Analyzing UX and Design
    One of the things we would like to look for while conducting a website audit is the user experience. How is the design working for your visitors? Some software also comes with heatmaps of what parts of your design attract maximum attention and what the users are reading.
  • 5.
    Ascertaining Website Content
    Our website audit will assist you to ascertain website content, including website pages, blogs etc. We will let you know how your current pages and its content are working.
  • 6.
    Generating a checklist of all the site problems and possible solutions
    Finally, while conducting a website audit, it is vital to have a place where you put a summary of all your findings. We will list out all the site problems and suggested fixes so that you can think about it and let us work on the possible solutions.

Our Website Revamp process


It is vital to evaluate your present website pages to decide whether the content of the page should be kept, updated or removed. Recognize what is working and what is not.

Identification of Goals

Now recognize your goals and what you visualize as the ultimate result. Are you simply looking for a more professional website or hoping to generate more sales and leads? No matter what your goals are, you have to be very clear about it.

Creation of Strategy

Next, your website revamp team will outline a strategy for accomplishing your goals based on your requirements. If you are just looking forward to develop a more professional image then have a look at the competitor’s websites, and also the websites you like beyond your industry, to get a better idea about the look and theme that you are aiming for.

Requires Assessment

Based on your goals, deliverables that are required to execute the website revamp successfully are outlined and assigned to the stakeholders for delivery.


Here our team gets to work and put all together. At this stage, you will view mockups, wireframes, sitemaps etc for feedback. Any required changes are made to get the process going.

Review and Launch

The final aspect of our website revamp process is testing the newly developed website. At this stage, we test the website to make sure it is functional, flawless, that the forms work and most importantly, the website works in all the devices and browsers seamlessly. If all is fine, then we launch the revamped website.

What makes us the best website audit and revamp company in Dubai?

  • 1.
    We want to be your full-time, innovative website audit and revamp company
    We know there are many website revamp companies in Dubai and it might be hard to choose the best company. If you are looking for a digital marketing company that can manage your website requirements from design through revamp and into ongoing promotion, we won’t disappoint.
  • 2.
    Leveraging on the success of the client
    Our team takes a personalized and balanced approach to every project right from the scratch to all the way to the launch and beyond. We don’t just create lovely websites; we create successful business website revamp solutions.
  • 3.
    We listen and carry out our homework
    You definitely know your business better than anyone; hence our first step is to listen to what you tell us about your business and the market. We will then carry out some research on our own so that we truly get to know the nooks and crannies about your industry and the emotional triggers for your audience.
  • 4.
    Innovative ideas and sound solutions
    We are not just a team of robots delivering a fancy home page to every client. We work hard to realize every client’s industry and their online marketing goals, so that we might bring fresh ideas to the table time and time again.
  • 5.
    On Time and Within Budget
    Nothing like ordering a steak but getting chicken instead! That won’t happen with 360 Software. We feel that you should get what you asked for without surprises.
  • 6.
    We will bring focus and energy to your team
    When we work together, we consider ourselves as the part of a team. Together, we can develop solutions that innovatively address your business requirements.
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